Physician/Resident Properties

Physician Specific Performance 
Unknown-3CARE Real Estate has gained an inside perspective on home buying for Physicians. Being married to Amber Coleman, M.D. along with helping many other doctors find homes and secure loans, has enabled Paul Coleman to gain valuable knowledge and insight toward buying real estate as an M.D.  Time and availability is never a certainty when dealing with a Physician or Resident.  In Real Estate, “Time is of the Essence” is a term thrown around quite often.  It applies for offers, inspections, loans, counter offers, addendums, along with many others transactions throughout the buying and selling process.  CARE understands such time constraints and works with other professionals in the industry who work specifically with physicians thus streamlining the process to accommodate your demanding schedule.
Understanding the complex issues that accompany being a resident or physician enables CARE to provide a smooth process of buying or selling.  Such issues include: time constraints, student loans, resident salaries, future salaried contracts, 1099 employees, W2 employees, difficulty getting a loan with school loans, getting a loan in residency, and procuring commercial real estate when starting a practice.  Buying a home could potentially be one of the biggest investments in a person’s life. As a physician/resident you have so many more advantages when buying real estate- perhaps more than you realize.  Work with a company that can help you take advantage of that hard earned Doctor of Medicine degree.

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